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Try This Dish Radio is the only independently owned and operated chef-driven foodie radio show in the world! With programming devoted solely to food-related topics and a passion for cooking, any food-related topic is open for discussion. 

Each week Host Sean Young, AAR Seanto, and co-host, Darie O’Connor, Destination Darie, take their listeners on a culinary journey through interviews with home and industry chefs, food bloggers, restaurant owners, food safety experts, recipe designers, and Celebrity Tv Chefs to talk about cooking techniques, recipe ideas, and current trends in the food industry.

We create a diverse backdrop to a lively and interactive show.

Live daily hour 1  at 9 AM, hour 2 at 10 AM, on ScyNet Radio 

For affiliate services CONTACT: (817) 615-0566




Westwood One XDS receiver

Listed as "SRN2 - Try This Dish"

Netcue V01 for local break relays.

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