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ScyNet is the Future of Talk Radio! Today's terrestrial Radio programming is limited due to reach and cost. 

ScyNet is a new way to put your Radio Show and or Product on a Global Stage at a low Cost and more control of your content.

ScyNet give low cost Broadcasters and Podcast Programmers a place to grow their content and audience.

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Our Top Shows

  1.  Try This Radio Live Sun. 9 pm CST 
  2.  Our American Stories Daily 12 am - 6 am CST
  3.  Healthy Choices Xm Live Sat. 5 pm CST
  4.  Cowboys Cast 8 pm CST Daily
  5. Daries  Dish 7 pm CST Daily
  6. Remodel Revolution Radio 10 am - 12 pm CST Daily


The History of Scy Talk Radio Network

ScyNet was created out of a need for low cost Radio Programming that would allow the small Broadcaster and Product Advertiser a way to broadcast their Content to the world with little over head.

Our Programs are unique as their Host.

With over 16 years of broadcasting experience we can help you with all of your Broadcasting need whether it is Product Advertising or full Radio Show Programming we are to sever you as well as our Listeners. Radio Station Internet Radio


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